“Align the body, align the heart and mind”

~ Dominique Beaumont

Dominique offers Live classes via Zoom and Recorded classes through an Online membership.

She works alongside Sue Cooper on her Open the Heart and Still the Mind silent meditation retreats. If you are interested in starting or deepening your meditation practice, click here.



8am – 9am
Energetic Flow


12.30pm – 1pm
Stretch + Strengthen


9am – 10am
Cleanse + Revitalise


12.30pm – 1pm
Core + Floor


Energetic Flow via Cobham Pilates

Cleanse + Revitalise: With a focus on detoxing and healing the body, these sessions use specific lymphatic cleansing techniques & breathwork to restore and revitalise the body and nervous system, moving us from a state of ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’.

Energetic Flow: An energising blend of Yoga, Pilates and fascial release exercises designed to strengthen and align the body. These sessions help shift excess tension in the body, get the heart rate up, build fitness and energise the body.

Stretch + Strengthen: Perfect for a morning wake up, these sessions are designed to increase strength and flexibility enabling you to release tension and states of contraction in the body. Fascial release techniques are used to functionally stretch and strengthen the body.


Core + Floor: Restore, heal and strengthen your postpartum body with this 30 minute class created to help you connect and regain optimum function in your core and pelvic floor. Tailored to fit into the demands of motherhood, we will mindfully move, align and connect.

This class is also suitable for anyone wanting to focus on core functionality and strength.